Seattle tests new law aimed at preventing discrimination by landlords

May 11, 2017
The first qualified applicant must be approved under the ordinance. Landlords are suing.
Beth Bylund outside one of the houses she rents in north Seattle.
Eilis O'Neill

Seattle tries voucher system to reform campaign finance

Feb 21, 2017
Residents received $100 in taxpayer-supported coupons to give to city candidates of their choice.
Seattle's voucher program encourages residents to donate to city candidates and encourages candidacy by people who couldn’t otherwise afford to run.

Seattle plans to use bond funding to pay for more affordable housing units

Jan 9, 2017
The city is looking at a few different ways to add more housing.
A tent under Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle, where homeless people seek shelter, a block away from City Hall.
Anna Boiko-Weyrauch

President Xi Jinping talks business in Seattle

What do U.S. firms dreaming of expansion in China hope to get from the visit?

Restaurant raises prices and pay, and ends tipping

Apr 1, 2015
As Seattle's minimum wage starts a gradual rise, Ivar's takes a radical path.

Businesses in Seattle advocate for higher minimum wage

Jun 2, 2014
Seattle expected to approve $15 minimum wage, the highest for any large U.S. city

Meet Big Bertha, Seattle's ginormous tunnel boring machine

Jul 19, 2013
Big Bertha, named for former city mayor Bertha Knight Landes, will dig up to 100 feet a day and build a massive tunnel under the city for a new freeway.

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It's a seller's market

Mar 30, 2012
Home sales in popular neighborhoods are up sharply as the economy continues its slow-but-steady recovery.

Shooting for the stars, learning to manage debt

Mar 21, 2012
A Seattle family learns the hard way how to manage its finances.
Karawynn Long and Jak Koke had a moment of clarity, when a mountain of credit card debt nearly tipped them over the edge. The Seattle couple is flanked here by daughters Claire and Michaela.
Matthew Ryan Williams for The New York Times