For this fire lookout, home is a cabin 20 feet off the ground

Aug 21, 2023
Brig Malessa spends fire season living in the tower and travels the rest of the year. "I can get by on very little money."
"It's the closest you can get to living outside without living outside," Brig Malessa says of living in a fire lookout tower. Above, the Oregon tower that she currently calls home.
Courtesy Brig Malessa

As summer approaches, labor shortages make seasonal hiring tough

Apr 14, 2023
A tight labor market, plus caps on worker visas, may mean consumers will notice fewer lifeguards at pools and slower service at restaurants.
Public pools, restaurants and resorts are expected to struggle with hiring this summer again.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Poor seasonal hiring and omicron could mean few temp workers get permanent jobs

Dec 28, 2021
Companies are having difficulty finding workers and at the same time they can't predict what will happen in 2022 as omicron spreads
Seasonal hiring is at its lowest level since 2016.
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Summer has arrived. Lots of summer jobs have not.

Jun 23, 2020
The pandemic has made it harder for younger workers to find seasonal jobs
Summer jobs, like those of camp counselors, will most likely be harder to come by this year.
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Holiday hiring is up despite economic uncertainties

Nov 15, 2019
But striking the right balance to meet demand is tricky this year.
Companies are offering higher wages, deeper merchandise discounts and more perks to attract seasonal workers.
Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

End of seasonal job? In a tight hiring market, you might get a full-time gig

Dec 29, 2016
Works out for seasonal employees and companies
Target worker rings up a customer. 
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images