What happens when a body is donated to science?

Oct 27, 2017
The growing industry of body part sales.

Asteroid mining and the new economics of outer space

Sep 18, 2017
It sounds like science fiction, but companies are putting real work into finding metals floating around on frozen rocks.
Space nerds Molly Wood and Kimberly Adams geek out about asteroid mining on the show. Above, an image mosaic of the asteroid Eros, with sunlight coming from the northeast, taken by the robotic NEAR Shoemaker space probe in 2000. 
Photo Courtesy of NASA/Newsmakers

This Los Angeles incubator wants to jumpstart the green economy

Sep 15, 2017
At the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, companies have access to mentors and laser cutters, too.
LA Cleantech Incubator's Advanced Prototyping Center.
Robert Garrova/Marketplace

To cool down city streets, Los Angeles is painting them gray

Aug 24, 2017
Los Angeles is testing out cool pavements on about a dozen blocks around the city.
A stretch of Coronado St. in Los Angeles is one of 15 blocks that is piloting a cool pavement.
Jed Kim/Marketplace

Government science agencies still lack permanent leaders

Aug 15, 2017
Of 577 key federal jobs requiring Senate confirmation, only 106 have had nominees put forward by President Trump. That’s according to the count by the Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service. Those vacancies include leadership roles at NASA…

NASA is testing supercomputers to send to Mars

Aug 14, 2017
And no, scientists won't be able to use them to peruse Facebook.
The NASA logo on a protective box for a camera near the space shuttle Endeavour April 28, 2011 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

A scientist worries about a climate "hostile to science and the truth"

Government funding has been pretty reliable — up until now, the Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher says.

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The US still wants a say in how UN climate change money is spent

Jul 17, 2017
The U.S. has pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, but it’s already put $1 billion into the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund. That’s meant to help poor and developing countries manage climate change. And while President Trump said he…

Meet methane: The potent greenhouse gas hangs in some regulatory limbo

Jul 4, 2017
Natural gas is billed as a cleaner-burning energy than coal, but leaks during production erode that advantage.
Natural gas is flared off at a plant outside of the town of Cuero, Texas.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Study suggests climate change will hit poorer parts of U.S. hardest

Jun 30, 2017
Hotter regions in the U.S. tend to be poorer, meaning the worst effects could spur increased economic inequality.
Swamp grass and standing water take over the front yard of a home in Tangier, Virginia, May 15, 2017, where climate change and rising sea levels threaten the inhabitants of the slowly sinking island.
Jim Watson / Getty Images