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The little black lines that could: The barcode and its staying power

Jan 23, 2024
"Part of the reason they've succeeded this long is that they work fine," says Jordan Frith, a Clemson professor and author of "Barcode."
Barcodes are scanned billions of times a day, says Jordan Frith, a Clemson University professor.
Michel Porro/Getty Images

Biometric screening is coming to the airport of the future

Jul 14, 2017
Would you use fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to get through the airport faster?
Travelers wait in long lines to speak with airline ticket agents in the United terminal at San Francisco International Airport.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No more pornoscanners!

Jul 21, 2011
On Wednesday, the Transportation Security Administration told the world that it's going to phase out scanning your nakedness. These scanners which...