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Savannah woodworkers find new uses for trees downed by Hurricane Matthew

Jan 5, 2017
Locals are trying to save some of Savannah's beautiful old trees from the woodchipper
Hurricane Matthew uprooted or damaged many trees in Coastal Georgia, including some in Savannah's famous historic squares.
Emily Jones

New interest in area where black business once thrived

Feb 1, 2016
An overpass stands where businesses once stood; now residents are trying to get rid of it.
An overpass stands in the neighborhood that was once filled with thriving black businesses, and the iconic Union Station, that was torn down. 
Gabrielle Ware

Where everybody knows your game

May 26, 2015
Gamers will now be getting their very own bars.

Bars step up to head off sexual assaults

Mar 13, 2015
Some bars around the country are training staff in preventing rape and harassment.