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Companies that include salary ranges in job listings are reaping the benefits

Oct 16, 2023
Hiring managers that include pay ranges in job postings tend to receive more applications and more qualified candidates.
"Job postings that include salary data receive about 50% more applications on average," said ZipRecruiter's Julia Pollak.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Pay transparency laws are changing the rules for salary negotiations

Sep 28, 2022
California will require companies to publish salaries in job postings, a move aimed at closing pay gaps for women and people of color..
California is joining a growing number of locales to require that most companies include salary ranges in job postings.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

New NYC wage transparency law aims to reduce pay inequities

Jan 17, 2022
The law, which goes into effect in April, will require private and public job postings to include a pay range.
The law, which will take effect in April, will likely have the biggest impact on women and people of color, experts say.
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How are new state salary transparency laws working in this economy?

Nov 16, 2021
Employers say they are scrambling to set pay ranges in a hot hiring market.
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