Russia mulls state assets sale

Feb 16, 2016
As Russia announces it may sell off state assets, some see opportunity and others risk.
A member of Cabin crew of the Russian airline Aeroflot salutes to visitors during the International Paris Airshow at Le Bourget. The company is one of several that could potentially be sold.

What natural gas has to do with conflict in Ukraine

Mar 4, 2014
Natural gas is one of the most important components of the Ukraine equation. Europe is a big consumer and Russia is its supplier of choice.
A gas pipe-line runs in Sevastopol on March 4, 2014. The European Union will help Ukraine pay the $2.0 billion it owes to Russian gas giant Gazprom, a top official said Tuesday.
Vladimir Dokin/AFP/Getty Images

How much influence does the U.S. have on Russia's economy?

Mar 3, 2014
Some critics of Russia's move on the Crimea say the U.S. should consider economic sanctions. But the U.S. doesn't do much business with Russia.