The NFL's hiring practices are biased against Black coaches, a former coach's lawsuit alleges

Feb 14, 2022
The vast majority of the league's head coaches don't look like the vast majority of its players.
Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores claims in a lawsuit against the NFL that the Rooney Rule — which requires that one nonwhite candidate be interviewed for head coach positions — is all show.
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Amazon shareholders to vote on Rooney Rule

May 30, 2018
Amazon shareholders will vote today on adopting the Rooney Rule. Amazon’s board initially opposed the proposal, which requires interviewing minority candidates, including women, but has since reversed. The Rooney Rule originated in 2003 when the NFL began requiring teams to interview at least one minority candidate for top jobs. Other industries have adopted the rule and […]

The pros and cons of the Rooney Rule

May 14, 2018
Amazon's board is against a policy that would require it to interview at least one minority candidate for new board seats. So what should the company do instead?
Later this month, Amazon shareholders will vote on a proposal recommending the company implement the Rooney Rule for finding new members of its board of directors. Above, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.
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