In the future, you'll take medicine without taking medicine

Feb 17, 2012
Scientists working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully tested a system to deliver medicine into a patient's body thought an implanted chip.

Facebook goes public and faces new accountability

Feb 2, 2012
So how does a publicly held Facebook act different than a privately held one? Also, crazy hummingbird robots fly in formation!

The era of experts is over

Jan 3, 2012
Get ready for the hive mind. A new book explores the future of collaborative knowledge, where networks become more significant than singular experts.

New Facebook feature lets you exist at all moments in your life simultaneously

Dec 16, 2011
At first glance, Facebook's Timeline feature just seems to be another in a long series of redesign elements. But upon examination, it reveals itself to be a fundamental shift in how you present yourself to the world.