New rules limit equity seniors can take out of their homes in reverse mortgages

Oct 2, 2017
Starting today , it’s going to be harder for seniors to take out loans against the equity of their homes — what are known as reverse mortgages. New rules are taking effect that limit the size of the loans — loans that many rely on as an additional source of income. Instead of 64 percent […]

What you need to know about reverse mortgages ... and their new rules

Sep 29, 2017
These mortgages let seniors take out loans, using their homes as security.
The reflection of blue skies and palm trees are seen in the window of a Countrywide banking and home loans location offering reverse mortgages in Sun City, Arizona.

Learning about reverse mortgages

Apr 12, 2012
It's worth learning about reverse mortgages. The homeowner gets access to their home equity without moving.