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Savings and Health

Feb 12, 2008
Question: I just finished graduate school and started my first real, full time job. I want to begin contributing towards retirement. My situation...

Have Fun

Feb 6, 2008
Question: My husband and I are in our mid 30's, no kids, both have good incomes and we're putting money away towards our retirement through our...

Fellowships and IRAs

Jan 30, 2008
Question: My husband and I are currently on National Research Council fellowships, working at a government lab. The nature of the fellowship is...

The Market Fall-Out

Jan 24, 2008
Question: Help! I retired a couple years ago and the market was going up. Now it's going down, down, and more down. How do I stabilize my savings...

Market turmoil and 403(B) Contributions

Jan 22, 2008
Question: I am thinking of increasing my 403(b) contributions to lessen my tax obligations. However, I am concerned about increasing my...

IRA or Vacation?

Jan 10, 2008
Question: Ten years ago, I left my previous employer with a 401K worth $2,500 and invested the money in an IRA. Its value at the time of this e...

Savings for a Stay-At-Home Mom

Jan 3, 2008
Question: I'm currently not in the paying workforce while I take care of my infant son. Besides the obvious large loss of income, I'm concerned...

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Naming a beneficiary

Dec 17, 2007
Question: I listened with interest about your story of the military man who is investing in the Thrift Savings Plan and was happy to hear your high...