Dynamic pricing tech may brighten retail bottom lines and put consumers in the dark

Jul 8, 2024
"If you don't have any idea when or why a price might change, it creates a sense of urgency and a sense of scarcity," says Amanda Mull at Bloomberg.
Walmart said it will use digital shelf labels in over 2,000 stores by 2026.
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Retailers follow Amazon's lead on summer shopping events

Jun 17, 2024
Chains that offer sales for members don't just bring in customers. They also get valuable data for better-targeted advertising.
Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and others now have summer sales that compete with Amazon Prime Day.
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Consumers are starting to change behavior due to sustained higher prices, which have drained savings and pushed more people to rely on credit.
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What wholesale inventory says about goods in our economy

May 30, 2024
Wholesalers supply both retailers and manufacturers.
When wholesale inventories run low, they can suggest robust retail sales.
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Major retailers lower prices as competition heats up

May 23, 2024
Target and Walmart are among the outlets competing for the dollars of consumers who may have reached the limit of what they will pay.
"We've made price cuts on 1,500 frequently shopped items," Target CEO Brian Cornell told investors.
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Dwindling savings and changing consumer tastes have hit Target hard

May 22, 2024
Meanwhile, its competitors are doing pretty well, including Walmart, where groceries account for 60% of sales.
Most of that extra cushion in people’s savings accounts from the pandemic is now gone, says Columbia professor Brett House.
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Why do companies go private?

There's news that department store chain Nordstrom is looking to go private, after a previous attempt failed.
Nordstrom's stock jumped 10% last week after a report said the company is looking to go private.
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For public good, not for profit.

Retailers like Macy's want a bigger slice of e-commerce ad sales

Mar 13, 2024
Selling ads on e-commerce sites is a $50 billion industry. Amazon dominates retail media, taking in about 75% of ad dollars.
Macy’s has announced plans to close 150 underperforming stores across the U.S. in coming years.
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Why prices are dropping at furniture retailers like Ikea

Mar 12, 2024
Furniture prices fell 3.7% over the last year, according to the latest Consumer Price Index report.
Demand for furniture spiked at the beginning of the pandemic, but now manufacturing and shipping costs have eased, making price cuts to furniture possible.
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Some manufacturers may ramp up inventories this year

Mar 11, 2024
Businesses have spent the last year and a half trying to whittle down excess inventories. Some businesses still have work to do, but others are likely to build those inventories up this year.
If manufacturers do ramp up production, it would be the first expansion the sector has seen in 17 months.
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