COVID-19 is making it hard for London businesses to "keep calm and carry on"

by Victoria Craig Mar 18, 2020
One industry group says Britain's hospitality businesses have taken in 60% less money than usual and customer visits have plunged 40%.
Jesse Dunford Wood, chef and owner of Parlour restaurant pub in London, at work in his kitchen.
Lauren McLean

Starbucks is winning afternoon customers with cold brew

by Meghan McCarty Carino Jan 29, 2020
It's typically a sleepy time of day for restaurants but snacking is on the rise.
Offering something customers typically don't want in the morning hours, like iced coffee, is one way to draw in customers.
Courtesy of Starbucks

Chinese restaurant owners in California fight for gas stoves

by Josie Huang Oct 24, 2019
As California officials look to phase out gas, some restaurant owners in San Gabriel Valley are speaking out in favor of gas cooking.
Chef Chun Lei cooks shrimp on a gas stove in the kitchen of Shanghailander Palace in Arcadia.
Josie Huang
Restaurant industry

What unlimited breadsticks tell us about the economy

by Kimberly Adams Sep 19, 2019
The group's diverse set of restaurants tells a story about a wide and equally diverse customer base.
Breadsticks anyone? Above, freshly baked breadsticks seen at Arizmendi Bakery in San Francisco, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

L.A. diners pay up for glow-in-the-dark noodles

by Sasa Woodruff Aug 8, 2019
Temporary restaurants offer novel experiences to attract new clientele.
Photo courtesy of Dashboard
Government shutdown 2019

Restaurants feel the pinch as shutdown drags on

by Janet Babin and Leila Goldstein Jan 22, 2019
... but some owners reach out to help furloughed federal workers.
Restaurants, which often operate on single digit margins, are feeling a decrease in business due to the government shutdown.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Would you like some earplugs with that appetizer?

by Kai Ryssdal, Phoebe Unterman, and Sean McHenry Dec 4, 2018
Some noisy restaurants ring in at a decibel level that over a long period of time can cause hearing loss.
Popular restaurant design elements like hard, minimal surfaces, open kitchens and attached bars are responsible for restaurants' climbing decibel levels.
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Liaison

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How to make restaurant kitchens a better place for women

by Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar May 30, 2018
The new CEO of the James Beard Foundation has some ideas.
James Beard Foundation (JBF) CEO Clare Reichenbach at the 2018 James Beard Awards in Chicago on May 7, 2018. 
Kent Miller/Courtesy of the James Beard Foundation
Shelf Life

It's expensive to launch a new restaurant — so these guys did fried chicken and donuts instead

by Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar Sep 25, 2017
Mike Solomonov and his restaurant partner Steven Cook opened Federal Donuts with a group of friends. They didn't expect it'd actually be successful.
“The beauty of Federal Donuts is that the financial success really came second,” said Steven Cook.
Photo courtesy of Mike Persico
Shelf Life

Restaurateur Jen Agg on creating ambiance, treating staff like family and sexism in the kitchen

by Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar Sep 12, 2017
In a new book, Canadian restaurateur Jen Agg recounts growing up in the restaurant industry and why she thinks it can still get better.
Jen Agg.
Jenna Wakani

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