Senate's proposed tax bill clashes with House plan

Nov 9, 2017
The Senate and House tax bills don't line up when it comes to policy that affects individuals and corporations, which may make it trickier for Republicans to pass their tax overhaul by the end of the year.
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) (C) talks with journalists before heading into a meeting at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday in Washington, D.C. Senate Republicans met behind closed doors to get their first look at their proposed tax cut and reform legislation.
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For homeowners, Republican tax proposals could change the equation around mortgages, property taxes

Nov 3, 2017
The Republican tax plan includes changes to mortgage interest deductions that would have the biggest impact on regions with high housing costs.
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What you need to know about the new tax plan

Marketplace's Amy Scott takes a look at the numbers in the GOP tax plan

Senate budget battle likely as vote looms

Oct 17, 2017
The Senate is expected to take up a budget framework this week. If it passes, the GOP will be one step closer to the tax overhaul it so desperately wants. President Donald Trump promised yesterday in a Rose Garden press…

The GOP tax plan has fewer tax brackets and bigger deductions, but is light on details

We’ll have three brackets instead of seven, with the option of a fourth for the wealthiest Americans.
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Former Sen. Bill Bradley talks tax reform

Sep 22, 2017
Marketplace Weekend digs into the issue of tax reform, plus, a look at taxes as a tool for social engineering.
Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley speaks during a news conference to discuss Cory Booker's campaign run for the Senate on June 2013. 
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At the 200-day mark, Trump is still behind on nominations

Aug 7, 2017
President Trump has been in office for 200 days, and is far behind on nominees, including key positions that would give businesses clarity on patient policies.
President Donald Trump walks off the stage after his campaign rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena on August 3 in Huntington, West Virginia. 
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The cost of repealing — but not replacing — Obamacare

Jul 20, 2017
The Congressional Budget Office has released its latest calculations. What does this means for the GOP's health care plans?
Pedro Rojas holds a sign directing people to an insurance company where they can sign up for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Will the Senate's new GOP health care bill ultimately lead to better services?

Jun 23, 2017
Some people may end up not seeking treatment.
Peter Yanez, who is insured under a policy from the Affordable Care Act, has blood drawn by Linda Williams, a medical assistant, at a Planned Parenthood health center in Miami, Florida.
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