Dairy industry weighs California's new regulations

Sep 20, 2016
The state wants farmers to do more to cut methane emissions from cows and cowpats.
David Silverman/Getty Images

Brexit could be a goldmine for lawyers

Jun 28, 2016
The legal industry has a lot of fine print to sort through. But the benefits could be short-lived.
A scene in the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey, London.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Figuring out how to regulate self-driving cars

Jan 13, 2016
Car makers want regulations to protect themselves from liability. But who should create them?

Why we don't buy cable TV set-top boxes

Aug 31, 2015
The FCC is considering whether to make those purchases easier.

The cost of stress in the police force

May 8, 2015
Police officers say they have less discretion about how they do their jobs.

Thank California for your low-flow faucet

Apr 9, 2015
California is imposing new low-flow rules on faucets, toilets and urinals.

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We're already halfway toward the EPA's new CO2 limits

Jun 2, 2014
That's the good news. Less good: The next half is the hard part.

Bureaucracy, from e-cigs to internet neutrality

Apr 24, 2014
The FDA proposes a ban on the sale of e-cigs to minors and the FCC proposes new internet rules.

Coal miners still die from Black Lung in 2013, but new rules could change that

Dec 12, 2013
This month federal regulators are expected to come out with new rules around Black Lung. Mine owners have argued against stricter regulations. It's been decades since major changes were made in standards for coal dust exposure.