A new college grad's Hollywood dreams

Jun 7, 2023
Despite the ongoing writers strike, Troy Cwynar aims for a career in comedy writing.
Amid the ongoing Writers Guild strike, Troy Cwynar hopes for a career in comedy writing.
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The Class of 2023 plunges headfirst into the job market

Jun 2, 2023
One new graduate is starting a career in broadcast journalism with realistic expectations.
Tyre White is moving back to his home state of Texas to pursue a career in broadcast journalism after completing his studies at the University of Arkansas.
Courtesy White

The class of 2023 is graduating into a challenging job market

Apr 5, 2023
The jobless rate for young workers has jumped since late 2021 and loan repayment is back on the table. Soon-to-be grads are scrambling.
New grads are entering a tougher hiring environment than last year's class. "There are jobs," says Wall Street Journal reporter Lindsay Ellis, but "it is a longer journey than many soon-to-be college grads would like."
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When graduating into a recession actually makes you happier

Nov 11, 2022
Some research suggests the "scarring" experienced by young workers during a recession has a silver lining: happiness later in life.
While research suggests that graduating into a recession hampers future employment and wages, it can also bring about longer-term happiness.
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