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"Queer Eye" star Karamo Brown on how reality TV affects society

Mar 5, 2019
The former social worker wants to use his platform to help people live better lives.
Steven Byeon/Marketplace

Back so soon? 'American Idol' returns … but to ABC, not Fox

May 9, 2017
Just a year after it went off the air at Fox, “American Idol” is coming back. The iconic singing competition show is returning on rival network ABC. The show’s ratings had slumped on Fox to 11.5 million viewers during its 15th season from a high of 30 million at its peak. So why does ABC […]

Getting 'UnReal' with reality television

Jul 13, 2015
The Lifetime series spoofs the carefully crafted world of unscripted shows.

Northwestern professor is a real 'Survivor'

May 20, 2015
Max Dawson's class on the economics of the reality show wins him an invitation.