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Connecting consumers to businesses created by women of color is her passion

Jul 3, 2020
Janet Oganah is the founder of Janet's List, which brings awareness to businesses by women of color in the United Kingdom.
Janet Oganah, founder of Janet's List, shines a spotlight on brands created by Black women and other women of color.
Funso Foluso-Henry

Starbucks will close 8,000 stores for a day of bias training

Apr 17, 2018
CEO Kevin Johnson announced the ambitious move to restore the company image — but there will probably be more to come.

TurboTax tries to recover from price-hike stumble

Jan 30, 2015
Expert says company is on the right path, owning the mistake and offering refunds.

Country in revolt? Hire a PR firm.

Jul 11, 2014
Improving the image of foreign governments is big business for US PR firms.

McDonald's fast food advice becomes corporate PR lesson

Dec 27, 2013
McDonald’s is shutting down McResource, a website that offers tips to employees.