Some small businesses worry they've hit the limit on raising prices

Jul 11, 2023
It could signal that wage and other cost pressures are easing or that sales are weakening and the economy is slowing.
Downbeat sales expectations could cause more businesses to decide against another price hike, said Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist with the National Federation of Independent Business.
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Egg prices have doubled over the last year

Dec 26, 2022
Bird flu has decimated flocks. Meanwhile, demand for eggs has increased.
Bird flu has infected millions of chickens, putting stress on egg production and moving prices up.
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Consumer sentiment inched up in December — from all-time lows

Dec 23, 2022
The University of Michigan consumer sentiment index rose 5% from November, but was still 15% lower than one year ago.
Gas prices falling from their summer peaks have helped lift consumer sentiment — if only slightly.
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How do consumer products companies decide how much they'll raise their prices?

Oct 20, 2022
It depends on the ingredients that go into a product and how much competition it faces.
Consumer products companies like Procter & Gamble and Nestle have recently raised prices on some items rather than a blanket price increase.
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Another price that's rising: The cost of a night in a hotel

Oct 17, 2022
There isn't enough supply and there's too much demand.
Issues sprung from the pandemic are still affecting the hotel industry.
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Inflation may be losing momentum. But not everywhere.

Oct 14, 2022
Labor Department numbers for September show inflation slowing in some sectors.
In this economy, inflation is running at different speeds in different sectors.
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With producer prices up 8.5% in September, what will that mean for consumers?

Oct 12, 2022
While the overall rate of increase moderated in September, costs were still up, especially for food and services.
Wholesale used car prices have been declining, which could be the leading edge of a downward trend in overall inflation, according to one economist.
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For public good, not for profit.

Wages rise ... but prices rise more

Mar 31, 2022
If wages were to rise as fast as prices right now, it could lead to a wage-price spiral, something the Fed is trying to prevent.
Wage increases aren't keeping up with inflation, but experts say it will even out soon.
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Why do we care about "core" inflation?

Mar 9, 2022
The core measure strips out food and energy prices, two of the biggest contributors to inflation today.
Food prices were up 7% year over year in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but core inflation takes food and energy out of the equation.
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