Some businesses may struggle to follow Biden's "Buy American" rules

Jan 28, 2021
Certain products have been outsourced for so long that finding a domestic supplier could be tough, one business owner said.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Biden to announce executive actions on fighting climate change

A New York Times report says Biden's order will eventually ban new drilling leases on federal land.
The coming executive actions are a start, but in order for Biden to meet the ambitious goals he’s set on climate change, he’ll need legislation passed by Congress.
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Biden takes a step toward $15 federal minimum wage

Jan 22, 2021
This is a fraught time to tackle minimum wage increases. It would address long-term inequities but more businesses are in trouble now.
President Joe Biden signs an executive order as Vice President Kamala Harris looks on during an event on the economic crisis Friday.
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Another challenge for the Biden administration: thousands of federal appointments

Jan 22, 2021
Biden is inheriting a depleted federal workforce requiring thousands of appointments, including many that need Senate confirmation.
The Senate confirmation hearing for Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's pick for secretary of Homeland Security, on Jan. 19.
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How the Biden administration can undo some Trump policies

Jan 21, 2021
Sometimes all it takes is a signature. Other cases require allies in Congress or the courts.
President Joe Biden signs executive orders on Thursday, January 21, 2021.
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How Biden's roots and Riverdance play a role in Irish diplomacy

Jan 21, 2021
Around 35 million Americans say they have Irish heritage. It's a valuable social and business network.
People in Joe Biden's ancestral home of Ballina are proud of his success.
Paul Faith/AFP via Getty Images

Immigration overhaul among first legislative action for Biden

Jan 21, 2021
The bill includes protections for immigrant workers and expanded access to visas for foreign workers and their families.
President Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office as he signs a series of orders at the White House in Washington after being sworn in at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021.
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Inside the economy President Biden inherits

Jan 21, 2021
How will the Biden administration approach a sharply unequal recession amid the COVID-19 pandemic?
The 10 million job losses for the U.S. economy have been concentrated in the leisure and hospitality sectors. Elsewhere in the economy, there's actually been substantial business formation.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images