What the new pope means for the poor

Mar 14, 2013
Priority number one for the new pope has been fighting poverty in the slums of Buenos Aires. What effect might he have on the global scene in his new position?

Help wanted: New pope, experience not required

Feb 26, 2013
Commentator John Ortved offers his bid to be the new pope.

Is the new pope the 'CEO' of the Vatican?

Feb 11, 2013
Pope Benedict’s rare decision to resign won praise as a management move, but his tenure featured marketing and financial challenges.

A few facts about Pope Benedict XVI

Feb 11, 2013
The pope announced today he would be resigning at the end of the month.

The Pope to join Twitter

Nov 9, 2012
It's a whole new kind of follower.

Pope fears technology that destroys reality; Pope's fears realized

Oct 13, 2010
Pope Benedict who, I don't know, has just seen Tron for the first time or something, has spoken out against the warped reality that technology pro...