How much do political campaigns know about you? Way more than you might think.

Dec 20, 2023
Campaigns have access to more data about potential voters than ever and can deliver ads based on microtargeting technology.
People can expect more political ads than ever this year — in more places and on more platforms.
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Political contributions are soaring like there's no recession

Aug 20, 2020
The pandemic economic downturn doesn't seem to be affecting the people who've already donated almost $3 billion towards the presidential race.
Supporters cheer for President Trump during a campaign rally Yuma International Airport on Aug. 18. The pandemic-induced recession doesn't seem to be slowing down political donations.
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7-Eleven invites customers to 'Cast their Cups'

Nov 4, 2016
Once again, people are wearing their political affiliations on their coffee sleeves. For the past five election cycles, 7-Eleven has offered its “7-Election: coffee promotion, where customers can buy a red “Republican” or blue “Democrat” coffee cup to show support for their political party and election candidate. Throughout the promotion, which began on Aug. 31 […]

Where did 'I approve this message' come from?

Oct 17, 2016
The fix for attack ads run amok has lost some of its power in the digital age.
A view of a digital billboard supporting Donald Trump in Times Square, New York City. The billboard was paid for by a pro-Trump political action committee (Super PAC) called 'Committee to Restore America's Greatness.' 
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Trump is paying a price for being late to the TV ad party

Aug 4, 2016
Donald Trump raised lots of money in July. Will he spend it on TV?
A screen displays Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivering his speech during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Guess what: data is driving political campaigns

Mar 2, 2016
How much is data shaping political campaigns these days? Think "800 lb gorilla"

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