Colonial Pipeline shutdown highlights need for more cybersecurity professionals

May 13, 2021
By one estimate, the U.S. needs at least 360,000 more cybersecurity professionals.
As these kinds of cyberattacks are becoming more common, demand is growing for cybersecurity experts.
Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images

Even with approval, Keystone pipeline may not get built

Mar 24, 2017
The Trump administration has approved a construction permit on the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline. Back when it was planned in 2010, oil was still trading at $100 a barrel and fracking had yet to fully ramp up. The project still serves as a symbol for both environmentalists and energy companies. But the overall impact of […]

Pennsylvania braces for gas pipeline protest

Feb 9, 2017
Protesters are massing in Pennsylvania to protest another pipeline. But this one is different: it carries natural gas, which means it comes with rights over eminent domain. Click the above audio player to hear the full story.

A refinery gap makes Southeast dependent on gasoline pipeline

Nov 2, 2016
Pipelines like the one that shut down in Alabama are a weak link in the distribution of fuel, but that’s because the real chokepoint is the production of gasoline at refineries. Some parts of the country have no refineries (i.e. the Southeast) and so they depend on pipelines; others have barely enough refineries for their […]
A crude oil refinery in Krotz Springs, Louisiana.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

A Texas range war over a natural gas pipeline

Jul 18, 2016
A pipeline carrying natural gas to Mexico from Texas will across remote ranches more than a century old.
The Trans-Pecos Pipeline is expected to send 1.4 billion cubic feet of Texas natural gas per day to Mexico.
Lorne Matalon/Marketplace

Local Money: Alaska's LNG Project

Jan 8, 2016
Alaska's LNG Project could cost $65 billion — if it breaks ground.
A liquefied natural gas facility in Alaska.
USCG Press/flickr/Creative Commons

Pipeline spill exposes a fracking cost

Jan 22, 2015
Wastewater spill is a huge reminder that fracking generates contaminated water.

For public good, not for profit.

Intel commits $300 million to diversify tech ranks

Jan 7, 2015
Company CEO tackles a tech problem: Need for more women, minorities in workforce.
 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, right,  and employee Darryl Adams at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.
(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)