How much money does a closed school save?

Mar 8, 2013
Last night, the city of Philadelphia approved efforts to close 23 public schools, about 10 percent of the city’s total, because they are underused and the city says they costs too much to keep up. The closures are part of a national trend brought on by more kids going to private and charter schools and public budget cuts.

Philadelphia collects court debt decades later

Dec 20, 2012
Since 2010, the courts of Philadelphia have embarked on a massive debt collection from ex-offenders. It’s an attempt to collect on $1.5 billion in old fees, fines and forfeited bail owed to the criminal justice system.
A dilapidated prison cell at Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philadelphia, PA. The prison was notorious from the time it opened in 1829 right up until the last inmate left in 1971. Today it is a historic site and museum.
Amanda Aronczyk

Philadelphia restores public transit, draws on 'rainy day fund'

Oct 31, 2012
The city of Philadelphia is getting back to business this morning. Schools and city government are up and running, as are trains and buses. What are the costs of getting the city up and running again after Sandy?

After Sandy, bakery delivers rain or shine

Oct 30, 2012
While much of Philadelphia -- another major city that has found itself in the path of Hurricane Sandy -- remains officially shut down, there are a few signs of life on the streets.

Staying open for Hurricane Sandy

Oct 29, 2012
Businesses in the path of Hurricane Sandy are preparing for anything but business-as-usual -- for some shops storms are good for business.

Baseball pitching robot is not ready for the big leagues

Apr 21, 2011
Meet PhillieBot, the one-armed, three-wheeled robot that threw out the first pitch of the Brewers-Phillies game yesterday as part of Science Day ...

MID-DAY UPDATE: Roadblocks and a traffic jam

Aug 24, 2010
Fed officials were divided over the Federal Reserve's decision to buy more government debt Apple has filed a patent to identify jailbreakers, w...

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