Why services inflation is stickier than goods inflation

Oct 27, 2023
Goods inflation has slowed down a lot over the last year, thanks in part to higher interest rates. But the Federal Reserve is having a harder time slowing services inflation.
Services inflation has stayed high because those prices, like for a haircut, are heavily influenced by wages.
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In the midst of inflation, companies continue to hike prices — and reap major profits

Apr 27, 2023
So far, price increases have not driven customers away. But there’s evidence that is starting to change.
While consumers are frustrated about continued price hikes, they still seem willing to spend.
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What the Federal Reserve's favorite inflation measure can tell us

Jan 25, 2023
The personal consumption expenditures price index, better known as the PCE, tracks what we paid for goods and services in the previous month.
The PCE give less weight to consumer staples like gasoline than the consumer price index does.
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Next week's economic data will tell us a lot

Nov 25, 2022
Reports on inflation, consumer confidence and jobs will be consequential. We asked economists to point out the most important items.
"If consumers were truly, truly worried," says economist Jennifer Lee, discretionary spending on things like restaurant lunches "would be one of the first areas they would cut back on."
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What do different measures of inflation tell us?

Jun 30, 2022
The PCE and CPI measure different things, but the message they send to consumers may influence expectations — that then can affect inflation.
One thing that can really mess with what inflation is doing? What consumers think inflation will do.
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Consumers have shifted spending away from goods and toward services

May 26, 2022
But they'll shift back when goods they want — like cars — become available.
Consumers experiencing economic difficulties may cut back on expenses like dining out, says Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary.
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When it comes to inflation measures, the Federal Reserve prefers the PCE

Apr 29, 2022
For monetary officials, the personal consumption expenditures gauge beats the CPI. A trip to the grocery store helps explain why.
When pressed about fighting inflation, survey participants say they want to hold the line on prices for essentials, says Eric Plutzer of the McCourtney Institute for Democracy. But "those policies require the Congress and the president to work together."
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