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Why "grandternity" leave might become the newest form of parental leave

Aug 1, 2023
Are you a working grandparent who wants time off to spend with the grandkids? That benefit could be coming to a company near you.
"For employees who are going to be grandparents, whether it's their first grandchild or their 10th grandchild, they get paid time off," said Tara Weiss of The Wall Street Journal.
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Twitter CEO paternity leave draws range of reactions

Feb 18, 2022
Less than a quarter of people in the U.S. work for companies that offer paid parental leave. Even fewer offer paid paternity leave.
Paternal leave faces stigma in the U.S., but it might only take a few high-profile fathers to change that.
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What are small business owners thinking these days about paid family leave?

Nov 17, 2021
A new study suggests that some businesses owners may have become more open to the idea during the pandemic.
While offering paid family leave may be difficult for small businesses, it could be easier than hiring amid the labor shortage.
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Paid paternity leave is still elusive for many U.S. fathers, report finds

Jun 14, 2019
In Japan and South Korea, new dads can get a whole year of paid leave. In the U.S., nothing.
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Why men should start taking paternity leave

Apr 4, 2017
It can help reduce the 'motherhood penalty' and the gender pay gap, the Danish minister for equality says.
A father holding his newborn daughter. Denmark is encouraging more men to take paternity leave.
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