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Confusion reigns for some businesses over "pass-through" deduction

Jan 14, 2019
Some companies are unsure whether a 20 percent income deduction applies to them.
Under the new tax law, LLCs and S corporations pay taxes based on their owner’s personal income instead of the corporate tax rate.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The new tax plan could mean growth but if not, "then there's a problem"

Dec 20, 2017
If the tax bill does not stimulate economic growth, then "all we've done is increase the national debt and the deficit. Growth is the key to this."
Congress passed the Republican tax plan on Dec. 20, 2017.
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Some small businesses not happy with the proposed GOP tax bill

Nov 3, 2017
The GOP tax bill is under a microscope as tax analysts, lobbyists and accountants try to figure out what the proposed changes will mean. One of the details that may lead to a fight is how the plan treats so-called “pass-through” businesses, privately held companies that make up 95 percent of U.S. businesses, whose profits […]