The Paris talks are officially over...what's next?

Dec 11, 2015
A look at the global deal and how volunteers will be kept accountable

Whatever happened to "Cap and Trade"?

Dec 9, 2015
The big idea of companies trading rights to emit greenhouse gases has floundered in Europe.

What happens after the Paris climate talks?

Dec 7, 2015
Making an energy pledge is one thing, following through is a whole different story

Cutting CO2: the advantages of China's top-down system

Dec 4, 2015
Does China's political system help in setting long-term goals to reduce emissions?

Britain says it's a world-beater on curbing emissions

Nov 25, 2015
Some environmentalists question Britain's claim to be a leader on climate change.

A 12-day push to reach a climate change deal starts on Monday

Nov 24, 2015
In Paris, representatives of some 200 countries will work towards a climate change deal.

Could 'free riders' derail climate talks?

Nov 24, 2015
Some countries do little to cut emissions and benefit as others do the heavy lifting.
Smoke billows from smokestacks and a coal fired generator at a steel factory in the industrial province of Hebei, China. With climate change talks in Paris in the upcoming week, some countries are doing more than others. 
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

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