Why Pandora bought a radio station in South Dakota

by Shannon Mullen Jun 12, 2013
The music-streaming company Pandora has bought a small radio station in South Dakota. Owning a radio station could allow Pandora to pay smaller royalties that apply to... radio stations.

A musician on his 21-cent royalty check

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 15, 2012
Musician Damon Krukowski discusses the challenges of making a living in the era of Pandora.

Pandora seeks lower royalties for musicians

by Sally Herships Aug 30, 2012
To boost profits, the music streaming service is pushing a bill in the House of Representatives that would cut payments to musicians. A coalition representing recording artists plans to fight back with an anti-Pandora PR campaign.

Spotify Radio

by John Moe Dec 9, 2011
Look out, Pandora

Facebook to launch a new music service

by John Moe Sep 1, 2011
Because if there's one thing the internet needs is another music service. CNBC was the first to run with this and other outlets are now confirming...

How is Spotify different from Pandora?

by John Moe Jul 14, 2011
Take it away, guy I just found on Quora:...

Spotify is coming to America

by John Moe Jul 7, 2011
That's a headline we could have written a year ago, possibly with a question mark at the end of it. The new wrinkle now is that the web music...

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Pandora shares take a drop

by Kai Ryssdal Jun 16, 2011
This final note today, in which reports of a tech bubble may turn out to have been greatly exaggerated. Remember yesterday's big IPO? Pandora, the...

Sony's new music service: a good deal or not?

by John Moe Feb 17, 2011
Sony has announced a new subscription music service. They say they have 6 million songs on their servers. You can use it as a radio, picking the...

Apple and app developers sued for tracking people

by John Moe Dec 28, 2010
Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on apps tracking smartphone users - apps had access to people's unique device identifiers - it's like a...

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