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As the Family and Medical Leave Act turns 30, millions of Americans still lack access to paid leave

Feb 3, 2023
The U.S. is the only wealthy country in the world that doesn’t guarantee workers a single day of paid leave.
An estimated 44% of Americans are not entitled to paid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
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Paid family leave gaining traction, including among small businesses

Mar 3, 2022
Opposition to paid leave has often been rooted in the challenge it poses to businesses. That calculus is changing.
A child runs past signs at a paid leave rally in Brooklyn. A growing number of businesses have shown support for paid family leave during the pandemic.
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Twitter CEO paternity leave draws range of reactions

Feb 18, 2022
Less than a quarter of people in the U.S. work for companies that offer paid parental leave. Even fewer offer paid paternity leave.
Paternal leave faces stigma in the U.S., but it might only take a few high-profile fathers to change that.
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From Alaska to Washington, one couple’s story of paid family leave

Feb 2, 2022
U.S. federal law requires companies to give workers 12 weeks off a year for family medical situations — unpaid. Whether or not workers get paid leave depends on what state they live in.
Washington is one of 10 states that has paid family medical leave. It made a huge difference for nurse practitioner Julia Mitzel, who was able to tap into it when her husband was undergoing cancer treatment.
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What are small business owners thinking these days about paid family leave?

Nov 17, 2021
A new study suggests that some businesses owners may have become more open to the idea during the pandemic.
While offering paid family leave may be difficult for small businesses, it could be easier than hiring amid the labor shortage.
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Paid family leave would be a paradigm shift for many workers

Oct 26, 2021
Even when the benefit is available, many Americans hesitate to use it. It's included in the Democrats' social-spending bill.
Though the Democrats' paid family leave proposal has been reduced from 12 weeks to four, it would still be a major change for Americans.
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Why businesses are pushing Congress to expand paid family and medical leave

Mar 24, 2021
Federal funds would help businesses who already offer paid leave — and be an incentive for those who don't.
Paid leave is good for both workers and businesses.
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For public good, not for profit.

Deal offers paid leave for federal workers, but only new parents

Dec 11, 2019
Although it leaves out the majority of workers, the policy change is seen by many as a step in the right direction.

Bills on family leave proposed with female voters in mind

Mar 18, 2019
With divided government, getting family-leave or sick-day bills out of Congress and to the president is highly unlikely before the 2020 election.
U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) speaks during a news conference February 12, 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Gillibrand and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) held a news conference to introduce the "Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act," or FAMILY Act.
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