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Automation is replacing more workers than outsourcing, study says

Jun 17, 2021
New and better jobs could be created if we invest in breakthrough technologies that generate opportunities.
American workers replaced by automation may not have the same job prospects that displaced workers had in the past.
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Lowe's outsources thousands of jobs to third-party contractors

Aug 5, 2019
The hardware retailer announced thousands of layoffs this week, but the jobs aren't going away
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

An Indian tech company is hiring 10,000 workers in the U.S. Here's why.

"The Trump factor has caused a lot of uncertainty" in IT, one writer says.
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How the video game industry outsources labor

Feb 9, 2018
And the market forces that drive that.

Tech companies may start expanding overseas

Feb 1, 2017
Companies could react to travel bans by expanding abroad. To get around any existing or future travel bans, tech firms are considering opening overseas branches, rather than scaling up in the U.S. Click the above audio player to hear the full story.

Trump tweet exaggerates influence over Ford plant's fate

Nov 18, 2016
Ford says it has no plans to shutter U.S. plants.
A view of the Lincoln MKC. 
Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Lincoln

Why careers are gone, and jobs are going next

Jun 17, 2016
Job security erodes as companies get more work done with fewer "direct hires"
Car makers, both U.S. and foreign, rely partly on temporary workers in their U.S. assembly plants. Brian Gammey, Korisa Warlick and Steven Ferguson were hired as contract labor at the Nissan assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. They now work union jobs at a GM plant.
Hayley Hershman

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Loyalty frays for both employers and employees

Jun 13, 2016
Companies use contractors to benefit from flexibility, and many workers want it, too
Sarah Gardner/Marketplace

Verizon's deal puts more U.S. call centers to work

May 31, 2016
The company's bringing 1,400 new jobs to the East Coast, and there are some advantages to running call centers in the U.S.
A call center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2003.
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Companies offer small startups a way to outsource jobs

Feb 22, 2016
In the world of startups, some tech companies say full-time employees are too expensive.
New tech companies at the RocketSpace co-working office use the gig economy to outsource jobs.
Courtesy: RocketSpace