And the Oscar for Instagram shout-outs goes to...?

Feb 26, 2016
A little celebrity gratitude can go a long and lucrative way on Instagram.
Actress Jennifer Lawrence gets styled on the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars. Celebrities are increasingly thanking their beauty teams via social media, which can be an added bonus for employees.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Sitting out the Oscars

Feb 26, 2016
A number of alternatives to the Oscars are popping up in the wake of controversy.

Hollywood's diversity problem goes beyond the Oscars

Feb 22, 2016
A new study released highlights lack of diverse representation in film and television
The nominees for best actor as seen on screen at the Academy Awards nominations announcement. All the nominees this year are white men. 
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The Oscars promises to make some changes

Jan 22, 2016
Including doubling women and minority voters by 2020.

The Oscar nominations roil Hollywood racial tensions

Jan 19, 2016
A very white group of nods has again turned a critical light on the film industry.

Oscars 2015: The business behind the glitz and glamour

Nov 20, 2015
The newly-launched podcast 'The Awards Show Show' talks about the mayhem that ensues during Oscars season.

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10 things you probably didn't know about the Oscars

Feb 20, 2015
...such as, why are the Academy Awards called the Oscars, anyway?
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The economy of the red carpet

Feb 20, 2015
From mani cams to brand partnerships, the red carpet can be a moneymaker for all.

The blueprint for Oscar winners

Feb 17, 2015
Alex Hillkurtz's storyboards have shaped movies like "Argo" and "Unbroken."