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Why Affordable Care Act coverage has record enrollment

Jan 15, 2024
Plans are cheaper because of pandemic-era subsidies, and millions who lost Medicaid coverage have found their way to ACA marketplaces.
Affordable Care Act plans have become less expensive in the last few years, thanks to pandemic-era subsidies. Above, a person fills out an insurance application at an ACA enrollment fair.
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Higher subsidies drive record ACA enrollment

Nov 9, 2023
The government has extended pandemic-era subsidies for the Affordable Care Act marketplace until 2025 — and even higher-income families are eligible.
Just about everyone looking for an ACA plan is eligible for a higher subsidy than before, said Vivian Ho at Rice University.
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Open enrollment season is a heyday for scammers

Nov 7, 2023
Some estimates put Medicare fraud, including elder abuse, in the neighborhood of $60 billion a year.
Some estimates put Medicare fraud,  including elder abuse, in the neighborhood of $60 billion a year.
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Employers open up to benefits that support menopausal workers

Nov 6, 2023
Menopause-specific benefits such as flexible time off, counseling and hormone therapy are becoming more popular among employers.
Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes can affect how women perform in all sorts of work environments.
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Affordable Care Act enrollment expected to hit another record

Nov 18, 2022
A shift to self-employment during the pandemic may partly be responsible for the enrollment surge in plans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.
A federally-funded health navigator helps people in Nashville sign up for Affordable Care Act plans on the individual marketplace on the first day of open enrollment, Nov. 1.
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Inflation hits health insurance premiums this open enrollment season

Nov 9, 2022
But ACA coverage is more affordable to many, thanks to extended government subsidies.
"It's a daunting process to have to go on to the marketplace," said Cynthia Cox at the Kaiser Family Foundation. But if you have ACA coverage, it may be worth your while.
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As open enrollment gets underway, changes to ACA bring uncertainty

Nov 4, 2019
The individual mandate no longer results in a tax penalty, and so-called "skinny plans" that don't meet Obamacare requirements abound.
Big changes to the ACA are bound to cause confusion this year. Above, a man signs up for ACA insurance in 2015 in Miami, Florida.
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