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Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook let ad buyers target hate groups

Sep 15, 2017
ProPublica reporters investigated a tip and found that they could spend $30 to purchase Facebook ads specifically targeted to “Jew haters” and other anti-Semitic groups. ProPublica alerted Facebook, and the site said such ad audience options were the result of algorithms that automatically create categories based on the interests expressed by Facebook users. Facebook said it […]

Companies are pulling ads from YouTube to protect their brands

Mar 23, 2017
Multiple U.S. companies are pulling their ads from YouTube over offensive material. AT&T, Verizon and Johnson & Johnson’s decision follows other companies here and abroad that will stop advertising until Google can guarantee their ads won’t run before videos containing hate speech. Google says it’s committed to working on a resolution, but there are technological […]

Hallmark ads get edgier and more digital

Nov 17, 2015
The maker of Keepsake ornaments is trying a new strategy to reach harried moms.

Survey says: Guilty of not filling out your survey

Jun 24, 2014
Commentator Beth Teitell says sometimes she feels guilty for not filling them out.

How online advertisers could use your data against you

Sep 4, 2013
Ethical and moral questions arise when personal data is mined for advertisers

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