Though the country is aging, there are fewer older Americans in the workforce

Oct 10, 2023
So-called “prime age” workers, those 25 to 54, are working jobs at a higher rate than before the pandemic. But the picture gets more complex for older workers.
As the pandemic recedes, older Americans have been rejoining the workforce at lower rates than other age groups.
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Omicron worries could keep some workers out of labor force

Dec 2, 2021
There are signs that health concerns, particularly for older Americans, are decreasing interest in being employed or “unretiring.”
Workers over 65 were the fastest-growing segment of the labor force pre-COVID but have retired at an accelerated pace over the last two years.
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Forced retirements will lead to prolonged inequality, report says

Jun 7, 2021
Black workers and those without college degrees were forced out of jobs at the highest rates during the pandemic.
Involuntary retirees face a higher risk of falling into long-term poverty, according to research from the Retirement Equity Lab at the New School.
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How does age discrimination affect the economy?

Jun 3, 2021
Bias against older workers may lead to hundreds of billions of dollars in lost wages and GDP.
The problem of age discrimination, which hurts older workers and reduces GDP, may have worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Older workers worry about the prospect of finding a new job

Oct 20, 2020
Age discrimination is illegal, but experts say it’s still rampant.
According to the latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, 30% of workers 55 and older aren’t confident at all about the prospect of finding a new job if they needed one.
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More older folks are working, but maybe not their preferred job

Aug 27, 2018
The unemployment rate continues to hover around historic lows — 3.9 percent as of last month. The tight labor market has been good news for groups that often have a harder time finding jobs, like people 55 and older. Unemployment for them is even lower at 3.1 percent. The number of older Americans in the […]
A job seeker fills out an application at a senior job fair in Palatine, Illinois. 
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Older workers struggle for cred in new economy

Jul 8, 2014
Workers over 55 are less likely to be laid off but more likely to stay unemployed.

For public good, not for profit.

Companies start to woo older workers with perks

Dec 9, 2013
Companies who rely on older employees are offering special incentives, from training in new job skills to babysitting services for grandkids.

Finding new work difficult for older workers

Jul 13, 2012
Finding a new job in this economy is hard for everyone, particularly for those above 55. It takes more effort, sacrifice and a little bit of creativity.

Bad news for older workers

May 16, 2012
The Government Accountability Office says the number of long-term unemployed 55 and older has more than doubled since the recession began back in 2007. That's bad news for the economy and children of retirees.