Videoconferencing is here to stay. It’ll have a different role in the hybrid workplace.

Jun 2, 2021
Zoom beat Wall Street expectations, but the technology may evolve from replacing social life to being just a tool.
Video chats work well for one-on-one interaction but not as well when the aim is group collaboration.
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Companies plan to party for the holidays this year

Dec 10, 2019
More firms are celebrating with employees and serving alcohol than last year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas survey.
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Ask a Manager: Is it OK to microwave fish in the break room?

Nov 10, 2017
Columnist Alison Green covers the do's and dont's of eating at work.
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Do open-space offices really make us more productive?

Jun 19, 2017
In the world of open-space offices, we need to change how we talk about productivity.
The new Apple Park campus in Santa Clara Valley comes with a great view, but will it lead to more collaboration and productivity?
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The benefits of wearing the same thing, every day

Apr 8, 2015
Art director Matilda Kahl changed her life by changing her wardrobe.

The shortcomings of the corporate wellness program

Sep 18, 2014
Companies save money by implementing them. But employees bear most of the cost.

For public good, not for profit.

What are you up to during a conference call?

Aug 19, 2014
As your co-workers listen in, they could be emailing, eating or using the toilet.

A pep talk for the self-employed

May 30, 2014
Freelance writer Anne Brinser Shelton has some thoughts on the office of one.

GM doesn't want employees using these words in memos

May 19, 2014
Via GM's latest document stream: "grenadelike," "Kevorkianesque."