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Is the tide turning against noncompete agreements?

A recent economics study seeks to quantify just how much noncompete clauses restrict worker mobility and wages.
"The estimates range between 18% and 40% of the American workforce is impacted by [noncompete] agreements," said Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell.
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FTC chair on regulating AI and "taking on some of the biggest, most powerful companies in our economy"

"We need to make sure the market knows that there is no exemption for AI," says Lina Khan of the Federal Trade Commission.
"Companies that are creating these tools [AI] need to be on notice," says FTC Chair Lina Khan.
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Biden wants to give workers more flexibility to change jobs or move between states

Jul 8, 2021
The White House says noncompete agreements affect more than 30 million people.
The administration wants to curtail what are called noncompete agreements, contracts that bar employees from going to work for the competition.
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For American workers, noncompete agreements are pervasive – and might hold down their wages

Jul 5, 2018
You’ll find noncompete agreements where you might not expect. They govern many a low-wage worker, and limit employee mobility in occupations like fitness instructors and hair stylists.
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