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Why do mocktails cost almost as much as cocktails?

Jan 31, 2024
As the sober curious movement grows, mocktails allow people to drink socially without feeling self-conscious. The concoctions are getting more creative — and expensive.
More restaurants and bars are offering mocktails with complex flavors.
Svetlana_nsk/Getty Images

Nonalcoholic drink sales grow beyond just Dry January

Jan 3, 2024
As new generations of drinkers prioritize well-being, more brewers are providing nonalcoholic beer offerings.
A brand representative pours a sample of nonalcoholic gin at the 2023 Bar & Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas.
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar Media Group

Alcohol alternatives are everywhere, with a pour for every (non)drinker

Sep 23, 2022
Budweiser is using its Qatar World Cup sponsorship to market its nonalcoholic beer. But the market for sober beverages is growing.
Above, cans of nonalcoholic beer come off the production line at a brewery in Stratford, Connecticut.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images