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Offices search for a sound approach to noise levels for returning staff

Nov 24, 2023
Noise is a factor in creating a healthy and comfortable space as firms try to ease the transition after years of remote work.
As more white-collar workers return to offices, some companies are redesigning their spaces with preferred noise levels and climate control in mind.
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“Wherever you look at human judgements, you are likely to find noise”

In a new book, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman looks at a problem with human judgement.
Human judgements can be noisy. In a new book, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman discusses strategies to reduce noise in organizations.
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One Seattle neighborhood is fighting airplane noise

Feb 16, 2018
The planes are so loud in this Seattle neighborhood some residents say it feels like a war zone. They want the federal government to do something about it.
María Batayola.
Eilis O'Neill/ for Marketplace

When messing with gear leads to music

Jul 8, 2015
The producer of the Song Exploder podcast kicks off our new series "Noise Makers."

In shale country, a boom in quiet

Mar 6, 2015
Businesses that help dampen the noise from oil and gas development are thriving.

Train horns driving you crazy? Just wait a few years

Dec 17, 2014
There is a way to silence passing trains, but it takes years and costs millions.

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