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How to help the poor amid COVID-19? Give them money, says Nobel laureate Esther Duflo

Apr 9, 2020
If a segment of the population stops buying things, it could lead to a much larger economic crisis, Duflo warned.
Nobel laureate Esther Duflo points to direct cash transfers in coronavirus response.
Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images

Why Nobel Prize winner Paul Romer sees the economy as a "huge innovation discovery machine"

Oct 26, 2018
Paul Romer thinks the economy is about policy and innovation working together for the greater good.
New York University professor Paul Romer speaks at a news conference after being named a winner of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics with professor William D. Nordhaus of Yale University on Oct. 8, 2018 in New York City.

Nobel laureate Richard Thaler is "like the boy pointing out the emperor is wearing no clothes"

Oct 9, 2017
Previous Nobel winner Robert Shiller talks about Thaler's intolerance of bad economic research and why psychology is so important.
University of Chicago Professor Richard Thaler arrives at his office after learning he had been awarded the Nobel prize in economics.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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