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Survey finds small business confidence at 8-month low

Feb 9, 2021
And the percentage of owners expecting better conditions fell to the lowest level since November 2013, the NFIB finds.
If business owners can hang on, they may benefit from pent-up demand as consumers anticipate spending more in the year ahead.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Small businesses don't see much cause for optimism

Jan 12, 2021
Just 3% say they're feeling bullish enough to borrow money, despite interest rates near historic lows.
A "Closed" sign at a nail salon in Virginia. Small business optimism is at a seven-month low as the pandemic continues to rage across the U.S.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Small business optimism overall is way up, but not for all owners

Oct 13, 2020
A survey from the NFIB finds optimism at pre-pandemic levels, but not necessarily for businesses in the service sector like restaurants and retail shops.
Small businesses in the services sector have a more bleak outlook as they continue to navigate COVID restrictions.
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Small business owners are still concerned about the economy

Aug 11, 2020
"Without a robust small business economy, we can’t envision any kind of meaningful recovery," one expert says.
As COVID-19 cases spike and fall, small business owners are feeling uncertain about the future.
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For small businesses, a tight labor market means workers are in short supply

Apr 10, 2018
Each month, the National Federation of Independent Business asks its members questions about how easy it is to find and hire workers. And the latest responses indicate small business hiring is up, but that it’s also harder than ever for those employers to find people to fill the jobs they have available. So what options […]