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How James Murdoch's resignation affects British media

Feb 29, 2012
James Murdoch, son of Rupert, has stepped down as chairman of News International. The resignation distances him from the newspaper arm of the business, which is a major part of British media.

James Murdoch resigns role at News International

Feb 29, 2012
James Murdoch has quit as Executive Chairman of News Corp’s British newspaper-publishing arm after allegations of malpractice by the publications.

What the Murdoch news means for the U.S.

Feb 29, 2012
James Murdoch announced today that he was stepping down from News International, the British newspaper arm of News Corp. He'll instead focus on the international TV business, and that could affect the company here in the U.S.

James Murdoch resigns from News International

Feb 29, 2012
The heir apparent to Rupert Murdoch has stepped down as chairman to News International, a division of News Corporation. It's a good way to distance himself from News Corp.'s recent phone hacking scandal.

Mid-day Extra: Rupert Murdoch pays up

Jan 19, 2012
Rupert Murdoch's News International is paying up again over the phone-hacking scandal.

DOJ preparing to subpoena News Corp

Jul 22, 2011
The Wall Street Journal reported late last night that its parent company News Corp may be issued subpoenas by the Department of Justice to testify...

LulzSec says it will partner with news media in releasing emails

Jul 21, 2011
So far, the phone at Marketplace Tech Report has not rung with offers of new partnerships. Nonetheless, the once-retired now-back hacking...

For public good, not for profit.

Murdoch paper apparently hacked by LulzSec

Jul 19, 2011
For a while last night, the website for the News International paper The Sun in England was directing users to a fake story about the death of...

Bono Mack wants answers by August 2

Jul 19, 2011
The Republican Representative from California sent a STRONGLY WORDED LETTER to the U.S. Telecom Association, the Information Technology Industry...

Hacking scandal fallout

Jul 18, 2011
Almost none of the recent developments in the rolling boil that is the Murdoch hacking scandal have much to do with technology, precisely, but it...