Post-9/11 group: It's up to you, New York

Aug 2, 2006
The agency charged with rebuilding Lower Manhattan after 9/11 says it's closing up shop. So what happens to the World Trade Center site and other projects? Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Amy Scott.

Giving back to the grid

Aug 1, 2006
With scorching temperatures expected again today on the East Coast, Ashley Milne-Tyte takes a look at what some New York businesses are doing to take some of the strain off the power grid.

Tough decision, loss of power

Jul 25, 2006
It's been nine days since the lights went out in Queens, N.Y. Thousands of homes and businesses still lack power because, during the blackout's early stages, officials made a fateful choice. Amy Scott reports.

Investigating 9-11 fraud

Jul 13, 2006
House lawmakers continue a hearing today into fraud allegations surrounding the $21.4 billion New York City was given in recovery funds following Sept. 11. Hillary Wicai reports.

Bloomberg fights Feds on immigration

Jul 7, 2006
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tells a Senate hearing that the economies of his city and the nation would collapse if illegal immigrants were deported. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

NYC construction grinds to a halt

Jul 3, 2006
Hundreds of construction sites in New York City have closed due to striking construction workers. If no agreement is reached, the strike could affect more than a thousand sites after the July 4 holiday. Bob Moon reports.

NYC taxi auction

Jun 22, 2006
New York City is selling licenses today to operate taxi cabs in the city. A license could cost as much $500,000, but it's well worth it financially. Bob Moon explains.

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Dining on a large scale

Jun 9, 2006
In New York, some restaurant owners are opening outposts on a vast scale, seating hundreds of diners at a time. Can these giants survive? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

New York's richest building

Oct 28, 2005
It's no surprise that housing in New York is some of the costliest in the nation, but how much does the most expensive apartment go for, and what do you get for the mint you have to pay? Bob Moon takes a look.

Broadway is murder

Oct 26, 2005
The woman behind Broadway's "The Perfect Crime" stars, takes tickets, and sweeps floors at her theater. Is this mad scramble what it takes to compete with the Disneys and Comcasts of Broadway?

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