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New Year's at Applebee's: $375 per person

Dec 30, 2013
If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve at Applebee's in Times Square, it'll set you back a mere $375 a head.

New Year's Eve a priceless marketing tool for NYC

Dec 30, 2011
The Times Square celebration brings in a worldwide audience and millions of tourist dollars to NYC every year.

PODCAST: Cameron in the doghouse, a dent in the debt

Dec 12, 2011
Questions are being raised as to the economic future of England and the rest of Europe following Friday's summit. Demand for larger pickups is up, and Ford is discontinuing its Ranger line of smaller trucks. More and more young people are taking on full-time jobs as yoga instructors.
British Prime Minister David Cameron explained to his parliament today why he didn't agree to Friday's euro deal.
LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images