NBA takes a cue from Farmville

by John Moe Feb 14, 2011
This week, the NBA is introducing a new game on Facebook called NBA Legend. It lets you create a player avatar, join a team, and then have a...
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Cleveland pride as NBA season starts

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 26, 2010
This final note today, in observance of the start of the National Basketball Association season tonight....
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Bonds and bags of money

by Katharine Crnko Oct 26, 2010
Today we learned about the U.S. Treasury, who for the first time ever is selling bonds with a negative rate of return. Translations? The investors...

Most NBA players, it seems, are now on Twitter

by John Moe Oct 25, 2010
The New York Times says that 11 out of 14 Knicks players are on Twitter, a number matched by two other teams. Two additional teams have ten players...
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NBA shoots for edible team logos

by Daryl Paranada May 26, 2010
The National Basketball Association has found a new way to get fans hungry for some hoops --...
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The end of high-top sneakers?

by Daryl Paranada May 19, 2010
Game one of the Western Conference Finals between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers went to the Lakers. The series features two of the...

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