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The NRA hasn’t always been the NRA

Feb 15, 2018
The National Rifle Association spent about $5 million lobbying Congress last year. That’s up from around $1.5 million 10 years ago, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.  But the NRA is not just a Washington lobbying powerhouse. Its reach extends across the country.   Click the audio player above for the full story. 

NRA's charity trains a whole new generation of gun owners

May 3, 2013
As the NRA hosts its annual meeting in Houston, a look at its charitable programs for shooting sports. Fundraisers for "Friends of the NRA" have seen record crowds.

Gun lobby outspends gun-control advocates

Dec 17, 2012
The National Rifle Association spent $24 million this last election cycle

NRA victories sell guns and invite opposition

Apr 13, 2012
The Trayvon Martin case may build support for gun control, even as gun lobby celebrates changes in state laws.