Low housing inventory is a boon for homebuilders, a strain for would-be buyers

Feb 27, 2023
Many home owners with low interest rates are reluctant to move. That's pushing more buyers into new houses.
"Over 80% of current homeowners now have a mortgage rate under 4%," said Rafe Jadrosich, of Bank of America. This makes the prospect of having to finance at today’s rate of 6.5% on a 30-year-fixed not so enticing.
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As real estate market changes, broker counsels buyers and sellers to think different

Jul 4, 2022
For buyers, the competition is less fierce, but some sellers still have "pie in the sky" hopes.
The median sale price was $407,600 in May, and mortgage rates have climbed. Some would-be buyers are finding the market less affordable, yet sellers have lost some leverage, says Amanda Pohlman of Keller Williams in Cleveland.
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As the real estate market cools, so does the market for agents

Jun 21, 2022
As home sales decline, the field is becoming more competitive.
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The staying power of Case-Shiller, a marquee housing metric

Apr 6, 2022
It’s not the most timely home price indicator, but it does have advantages, including mapping prices over long periods.
Homes line a Southern California street in 2003. An approach for tracking house prices developed by economists Karl Case and Robert Shiller in the 1980s remains an important market indicator today.
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