Nashville musicians, recovering from tornadoes, face COVID-19 cancellations

Apr 6, 2020
Now that Nashville’s music industry has weathered a literal storm, they're facing tough times again with a stream of cancellations.
Popular live music venue The Basement East, in East Nashville, was severely damaged by a tornado on March 3, 2020.
Rachel Iacavone

Meet Stephanie, 49, executive director of a movie theater

Feb 18, 2020
The Bureau of Labor Statistics would categorize her under “management, professional, and related occupations," along with four in 10 U.S. workers. This category also includes teachers, dentists, CEOs and a wide range of other professions.
Amiee Stubbs

Nashville bans schools from online fundraising

Apr 10, 2019
In Nashville, the school district has put a ban on online fundraising for classrooms.
Despite teachers' continued reliance on crowdfunding sites, Nashville has decided to put an and to the practice in their schools.
seb_ra/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Nashville may not have gotten HQ but Amazon is opening a logistics hub with 5,000 jobs in the city

Nov 29, 2018
Among all the buzz surrounding Amazon’s HQ2 announcement, the city of Nashville received a sort of consolation prize — a logistics hub with 5,000 high-paying jobs. Those watching Amazon’s ambitions in health care see potential for the hub to double…
Derrick Brutel

What are pro sports stadiums worth to a community?

Oct 23, 2018
The debate still carries on, even as some teams take more community concerns into account.
Artist rendering of an NFL stadium in Carson, California — a city in Los Angeles County. 
MANICA Architecture

Inpatient care could end at Nashville's safety net hospital

Jan 3, 2018
Nashville Mayor Megan Berry has proposed ending the inpatient unit of Nashville General Hospital and rethinking the city's role in caring for the uninsured.
The daily census at Nashville General Hospital is down to fewer than 40 patients, making it one of the least busy hospitals in town. But advocates for the uninsured say that's still 40 patients who are getting care that might have trouble finding it elsewhere.
Blake Farmer/ for Marketplace.

In Nashville, a program connects refugee farmers to hipster tables

Jul 26, 2017
A program called Growing Together encourages refugees living in Tennessee to get back into farming.
Chef Jess Benefield shows how Japanese shishito peppers are fried to create a popular appetizer at Two Ten Jack restaurant in East Nashville. Finding quality peppers can be difficult, Benefield said.
Chas Sisk/for Marketplace

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There's a whole lot of love for Howlin' Ray's Nashville-style hot chicken in LA

Jul 18, 2017
Copy cats are popping up, and chef Johnny Zone promotes them. "That means we're doing something right."
Photo courtesy of Howlin' Ray's

In Nashville, it’s a good time to be a restaurant employee

May 15, 2017
Restaurant owners in Nashville have a lot of competition these days, and that's good news for workers.
Lulu, a new fast-casual eatery, is among the 100-plus restaurants and bars that are expected to open in Nashville this year. 
Emily Siner / WPLN

How a gas shortage got worse with panic buying

Sep 23, 2016
Gas stations in the Nashville region reported a 50 percent spike in customers last weekend.
Zeroed out: A a Shell station in Nashville was out of gas earlier during the Colonial Pipeline closure.
Chas Sisk/WPLN