Cairo stock market hits three month high amid protests

Jul 2, 2013
With protesters, the military and the Egyptian government heading for new confrontations, the stock market in Cairo is up.

Egypt's loan delay is about prices -- and power

Apr 3, 2013
Egypt needs a loan from the IMF to right its floundering economy, but the money will come with austerity strings attached.
An Egyptian protester applauds during a demonstration in a show of opposition to Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood in front of the Presidential palace in Cairo on February 1, 2013.

Egypt downgraded as political tensions continue

Dec 24, 2012
Vital austerity measures could be harder to push through in Egypt as political unrest continues.

Stock market tumbles as Morsi expands powers

Nov 26, 2012
As President Morsi works to resolve tensions over his expanded powers, confidence in Egypt's government and economy falters.