A sign of the times: Montreal project aims to save vintage signage

Dec 26, 2019
It's a rescue and restoration mission.
The neon sign from the Silver Dragon Café was taken down when the business was acquired by a new owner. It joined the collection of the Montreal Signs Project.
(Montreal Signs Project)

Will dysfunction in DC give our NAFTA partners an edge?

Jan 22, 2018
The next round of negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement officially begins tomorrow in Montreal. It’s the sixth of seven rounds, and the stakes are high. Now that the government is back open, the United States will have a full roster of negotiators at the talks. They’ll be trying once again to hammer […]

Student protests heat up in Quebec

May 18, 2012
In what's seen as the most intense student demonstrations in the history of Canada, students in Quebec have been protesting hikes in tuition since the winter. Now the government there is debating emergency legislation to temporarily close some universities and to levy penalties for protesting of as much as $35,000 for individuals, $125,000 for student organizations.